A guide to using Mapbox and Unsplash to build a map of photos.

I moved to New York City in October of 2020. After the vicious first wave of the pandemic, articles flew across the internet declaring that New York was dead. Photography was re-emerging as one of my hobbies during quarantine, so I thought I might take my camera and venture across town to see if I might still be able to find life in this little city.

I set the ambitious, perhaps impossible, goal of photographing every block in NYC to show the life that still exists here. Setting aside the challenge of photographing all 120,000 blocks across the five boroughs…

A few weeks ago, I had an opportunity to visit Plenty in South San Francisco. Their vertical farm is an impressive display of one vision for the future of agriculture: a fully-automated system that grows produce in a space-efficient controlled environment. Wearing goggles to protect our eyes from the harsh red and blue LED light, our stroll through the indoor farm felt like a sharp departure from the small family farm where I spent my childhood. Vertical farming companies like Plenty are currently at the center of an environmental debate: is vertical farming better for the environment than growing produce…

Robinson Greig

Product designer, mechanical engineer, Harvard MBA, and third-generation farm kid in the Hudson Valley.

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